List With Us

Why list your island with Caribbean Island Brokers? We are a full service brokerage with a passion for islands. Our personal experiences and unique marketing techniques dramatically increase the ability to sell your property. Since no single island fits every buyer's needs, we create attractive individual websites for each island listing which aggressively promotes the unique features of your property. These sites are easy to navigate and are seen by thousands of potential buyers from all over the world searching for an island to purchase.

During our initial visit to your island, we'll discuss improvements that could be made to ensure your island fits a buyer's picture-perfect dream. These simple changes can not only dramatically increase your chances of selling the property, but may also increase its value. Since pictures are such an important aspect of the sale, we'll take photos from every angle; by land, by boat and even from the air. These photographs help a buyer clearly understand what is for sale, long before they visit the property in person.

Most buyers have many questions and fears of buying real estate in a foreign country. When a buyer calls or emails about your property, their questions will be answered quickly and thoroughly. An island is a huge financial investment and an extremely emotional purchase. As island owners, we know first-hand about the fears and can personally relate to every concern. Our effective communication allows us to educate buyers so that they can make an informed decision. Allowing them to commit to the island purchase they've been yearning to make for years.

Our company is American-based and our marketing efforts global, yet we still maintain personal customer service. Once a buyer is ready for a personal tour of your property, we'll make every effort possible to coordinate our itinerary with theirs.