Sunset Caye

2.5 acres - Sold

Sunset Caye is a small little island on the west side of the Cat Caye Range. This island is in the process of being filled. It's about halfway done, but the owner will soon complete the rest of it. There is a local fisherman acting as a worker and care taker staying on the island in a simple wooden structure that can easily be removed if needed. The island has very little exposure to the east but has a great view of the west. On the eastern side there are several Cayes of the Cat Caye range that are nearby, with the closest being only 200 yards away. The water around this island is perfectly flat and offers a high level of storm protection because it is protected by the reef and the range of cayes surrounding it. On the north point there is a very shallow area with plenty of good sand to complete the filling.

Sunset Caye, Island for sale Sunset Caye, Island for sale Sunset Caye, Island for sale in Belize Approaching Sunset Caye The south point of Sunset Caye Sunset Caye on the south Southeast beach of Sunset Caye The answer to your question is yes, that's exactly what it is. Shore of Sunset Caye Caretakers house on Sunset Caye Looking southeast from Sunset Caye Looking south from Sunset Caye Sunset Caye, Island for sale The filled and groomed area of Sunset Caye The cleared but unfilled area of Sunset Caye Some of the sand from filling is still piled on Sunset Caye and ready to be spread out. Clearing currently undweray at Sunset Caye The eastern side of Sunset Caye Eastern side of Sunset Caye North point of Sunset Caye from the eastern side.