Round Caye

3.14 acres - Sold

Round Caye is another one of those perfectly dreamy tropical islands you just wouldn't mind being ship wrecked on. The island is naturally high and sits atop a coral ridge in Belize. This ridge stops the waves and creates a terrific anchorage along the western side of the island. Round Caye has about 3 feet of elevation with Mangrove just off the edge.

There are natural sandy beaches on both sides of the island. Many years ago, someone planted lots of Coconuts which are now about 30 feet tall and producing heavily. Other than the occasional fisherman that camps on the island, it is totally vacant. As you can see, the water around the island is absolutely pristine.

Round Caye is located 16.5 miles East Northeast of Placencia and 17.4 miles Southeast of the Sittee River. Viewing Round Caye is best from Placencia. A local 20 minute flight from Belize City lands right in Placencia and is only a few minutes from the pier where there are plenty of local boats for charter. The ride to the island is about 35 minutes.

Development in Placencia is booming so there are several grocery stores, hardware stores, and most anything you need to restock your supplies.

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a perfect little tropical island Round Caye isn't round at all! crystal clear water the entry looking south from the north end mature coconuts produce heavily on the island Round Caye panorama southern tip looking to the east. southern end looking north The eastern side of Round the island sits on a coral ridge perfect I think I could camp here a private beach Tarpon Caye Lodge in the distance