Harbor Caye

4.497 acres - Sold

Harbor Caye is a stunning little island for sale with fantastic potential. Located on the southwestern side of the Cat Cayes range, Harbor Caye is less than 7 miles east of Riversdale. The water in this area is incredible with fantastic snorkeling from virtually every point on the island. The island has a solid main section that has been cleared of smaller trees. This was done a few years ago so new growth is starting to retake the island. Harbor Caye has a very unique shape with the point of the island facing North and its legs on the south ends. The legs form a protected lagoon that is capable of handling many boats. It's quite deep and would make a terrific marina for the new owner's boats. Though this island is almost completely dry, it would benefit from filling in the cleared areas. There is plenty of material available around the island with a large sand deposit on the south end near the entrance to the lagoon. However, the coral growth in the area would be much better served by filling the island with sand barged in from the mainland. This keeps the area pristine with no risk of damage due to run off during filling operations.