Cocomo Island

1.5 acres - US$300,000

Cocomo island is a terrific value and perfect for a personal estate with very easy access to town while also offering fantastic water quality. This island was recently hand filled and has had a couple simple houses built on it. This island is in the Sand Fly Range and one of the quickest to access, from the town of Dangriga only 8 miles away. Cocomo is a long and rather narrow island measuring roughly 140' by 600' that sits on it's own coral shelf. The long eastern and western waterfronts offer spectacular views in either direction. Along the eastern side the water is very shallow for nearly 50 feet off shore but the drops off quickly to 20 feet and more. The western shore has a more gradual slope with incredible coral life and well protected water. Nearly the entire perimeter of the island offers locations that are well suited for deep draft boats with a fairly short pier. The island feels remote but is only a quarter mile from it's closest neighbor to the north. The Belize Barrier Reef is just under 4 miles away but the snorkeling around this island is so nice that a trip to the Reef is unnecessary.

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