Blue Ground Caye

1.2 acres - Sold

This terrific little island is perfect for a personal estate. Located just 6.5 miles from the Sittee River in Hopkins, Blue Ground Caye is easily accessible. Plus it's only 4.5 miles from the Belize Barrier Reef and South Water Caye which offer some of the best snorkeling in the country. The island is nestled within the range on the western side offering spectacular views of the Belizean mountains. The island has a deep water lagoon on the southern side with shallow access on the western and eastern side. For ideal access, a channel should be dredged on the western side when filling the island to allow for quicker access to the harbor from the west. There are 3 other private estates in the area so you always have some other island owners to visit with.

Blue Ground Island from water of Blue Ground water with Blue Ground in the distance I look into the lagoon at Blue Ground island Aerial view of Blue Ground, this is look from the East to the west. North is in the right of the picture southeast to northwest there is a fully developed private island nearby. the Blue Ground Range with the island labeled looking from north to south the range of islands in the area Much of the island has already been cleared trees were left around the outer edges to protect he island a small peak to the north looking out over the cleared area open space at blue ground the island needs filling in the center blue ground range is in protected waters in Belize peat mangrove at the edges clearing the lagoon is deep water and a perfect marina 8 feet of depth right at the lagoon side edge of Blue Ground Island more clearing Dophins frequently visit the Blue Ground Range these were there on our last visit. Belize has an incredible amount of Dolphins looking southwest at Blue Ground Caye looking west beyond Blue Ground Island the neighbor