Islands For Sale

All of our islands for sale have been personally visited by us. We always take a large amount of pictures by air, sea, and land so if you would like additional pictures of any of these listings, just let us know and we can provide you with more detail.

We also have a substantial inventory of islands that we don't have listed on this website. The restriction we put on ourselves require that we have personally met each owner of the island and have direct access to them for questions. These islands haven't yet met this requirement but are indeed for sale.

If you contact us with the specific criteria of what you are looking for, we'll be happy to forward information on what's out there for sale and alert you anytime a new listing arrives.

Little Channel Caye Little Channel Caye 1.18 acres - US$350,000 Little Channel Caye is an island for sale 16 miles northeast of Placencia, Belize. Manta Caye Manta Caye 12 acres - US$5,500,000 One of the premier islands on Glover's atoll is now available. Manta Caye is at the extreme southern end of the atoll. Scipio Caye Scipio Caye 4.5 acres - US$750,000 Scipio Caye- Just 5 miles east of Placencia is one of the Caribbean's most beautiful private islands. The potential here is incredible. Parcel on Southern Long Caye Parcel on Southern Long Caye 23 acres - US$550,000 This 23 acre parcel is on Southern Long Caye and less than a mile from the Belize barrier reef. Horseshoe Caye Horseshoe Caye 33 acres - US$750,000 Horseshoe Caye Secret Island Secret Island 2.5 acres - US$350,000 Secret Island for sale in the Cat Cayes range Water Caye Resort Belize Water Caye Resort Belize 511 acres - Price upon request HUGE development potential here on Water Caye. This island offers the best of everything with easy access to the mainland and the reef, plus a fully operational resort facility. This property could be re-opened for business in 1 day! Little Monkey Caye Little Monkey Caye 0.75 acres - US$55,000 The Cheapest Island in the Caribbean Turneffe Point Caye Turneffe Point Caye 1 acres - US$350,000 Turneffe Point Caye is one of the most exciting little islands we've had come one the market. Absolutely beautiful. Grand Bogue Caye Grand Bogue Caye 15 acres - US$2,000,000 3 parcels sold together offering 1350 feet of Caribbean Frontage. Plus 1350 feet of Lagoon Frontage. Petit Nevis Petit Nevis 71 acres - US$15,000,000 Petit Nevis is located in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, less than one mile from Bequia Grassy Caye Grassy Caye 2.29 acres - US$295,000 Grassy Caye is the perfect little Scuba Diver's retreat. Right on top of the reef on the Turneffe Atoll. Koro Island Beachfront Fiji Koro Island Beachfront Fiji 806 acres - US$35,000,000 A HUGE parcel of pristine beachfront land on the island of Koro in Fiji. Perfect for hotel or estate development. North Pelican Caye North Pelican Caye 1.6 acres - US$400,000 North Pelican Caye, Turneffe Atoll, Belize Cocomo Island Cocomo Island 1.5 acres - US$300,000 Cocomo is a cute little island in the Sand Fly Range with deep water access only 50 feet off shore. Grand Bogue Parcels Grand Bogue Parcels 5 acres - US$675,000 3 parcels on Grand Bogue Caye Katafanga Island Resort Katafanga Island Resort 225 acres - US$25,000,000 Katafanga Island Resort is simply one of the finest islands in the world and one of the last freehold islands for sale in the South Pacific paradise of Fiji. This island is the ultimate tropical paradise. A parcel on Cross Caye A parcel on Cross Caye 4.8 acres - US$495,000 A 4.8 acre Parcel on the eastern point of Cross Caye. Blue Ground Caye Blue Ground Caye 1.2 acres - Sold Blue Ground Caye is a terrific little island in the Blue Ground Range of Cayes. Roatan Castaway Island Roatan Castaway Island 5 acres - Sold An incredible Private Island Estate in Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. This home is perfection in every detail. The ideal island home for that executive that doesn't want to be out of touch. It's a perfect island to come home to. Harbor Caye Harbor Caye 4.497 acres - Sold Harbor Caye is in southern Belize with spectacular water and a protected harbor. Lagoon Caye Lagoon Caye 13 acres - Sold One of Belize's most unique islands. Big Channel Caye Big Channel Caye 7.35 acres - Sold Big Channel Caye Reef Caye Reef Caye 6 acres - Sold Reef Caye is an island sitting right on top of the reef at the Turneffe Atoll. Pelican Caye Pelican Caye 1.365 acres - Sold Pelican Caye is an island sitting right on the reef just offshore of the Turneffe Atoll in Belize, CA. Angel Caye Angel Caye 1 acres - Sold An incredible little island on Turneffe Atoll with the protection of the reef and easy access to the mainland. Sunset Caye Sunset Caye 2.5 acres - Sold Sunset Caye is a little island on the west side of the Cat Caye range Northern Two Cayes Northern Two Cayes 1030 acres - Sold 2 beautiful islands sold together on Lighthouse Atoll. One of the World's most beautiful locations is up for sale. Little Peter Caye Little Peter Caye 1.3 acres - Sold Little Peter Caye Hatchet Caye Private Island Estate Hatchet Caye Private Island Estate 7.1 acres - Sold A Caribbean Island Brokers Success story! We've transformed Hatchet Caye into a world class resort! It's time to book your vacation or island shopping trip now at the premier private island resort in Belize! It's the perfect way to learn what the island experience is all about. Round Caye Round Caye 3.14 acres - Sold Another perfect tropical island. Imagine yourself stranded here. You'd probably just tell your rescuers to go away! Bannister Island Resort Bannister Island Resort 3 acres - Sold Bannister island Resort is a Belize resort that serves the cruise ships as a beach break destination. A perfect business for those who want a change of pace in a beautiful Caribbean environment.