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Island shopping

May 31st, 2008

It’s hard to describe what it’s like shopping for islands. The days are long, the sun is hot, and the water can beat you up at times. Other times, you get drenched in rain squalls. But overall it’s a great experience! Here is a short video of a day in Belize.

Of course sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned! The locals just don’t seem to understand we’re on a schedule. A storm could roll in, the batteries are dead, the boat could break down, the captain could show up late, the marina takes their sweet time launching the boat, the taxi gets a flat, the gas station is out of gas, the toilet paper got wet, and on and on. So, we’ve learned to go with the flow. When you get to Belize, remember to just slow down and make the best of the time you have. If you don’t sweat the small stuff, you have a lot more fun.


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