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June 18th, 2011

The last year and a half has been beyond hectic. So hectic I haven’t kept up on my contacts and blog as I should but I’m proud to announce that Hatchet Caye Resort is completed and open for business! The island has been my second home for the last couple years. We’ve always felt that Hatchet Caye was in a unique location that gave it a tremendous advantage as a vacation destination. Located right next to the cut in the Belize Barrier Reef, called Gladden Spit, Hatchet is perfect for fishermen and divers. The world’s best dive locations are only a couple minutes away, shore diving from Hatchet is incredible, and it is simply the best fishing I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s not uncommon for us to catch upwards of a hundred fish while bottom fishing and the big game fishing always has lots of action. Fishing tournaments are held right on Hatchet’s doorstep so it’s a perfect location for the participants to stay.

We’ve built the resort to accommodate large vessels with enough room for several yachts to tie up at the same time. Plus we have 4 heavy duty mooring balls just off shore that will safely hold the largest of vessels.

Hatchet Caye is right on top of the route that The Moorings, TMM, and Tradewinds use for their sailing charters. We are getting more and more day and evening visitors every week just from these folks alone!

Hatchet is designed to be the ultimate private island experience for those who want total relaxation while also experiencing some of the most exhilarating action sports offered anywhere! This is the one location in the Caribbean where you could wake up early and fly fish right from your own beach, then jump in a boat and do a scuba dive in the worlds most spectacular location, then come back for lunch and after relaxing a bit, head back out to do a second dive and when that’s done, go trawling for big game fish! Then head back to the island and jump in an ultralight and fly with our pilot over the reefs and islands seeing the most breathtaking views anyone has ever seen. There is only one place on earth where you can actually do this and it is at Hatchet Caye Resort in Belize.

Nothing says you must be active. Lounging at the water’s edge is perfect at Hatchet Caye Resort. Watch the dizzying array of bird and sea life right from the deck of your own cabana. Take a leisurely pedal boat ride from Hatchet to the Silk Cayes in the most comfortable pedal boats I’ve ever piloted. In the evenings, stroll out to the south pier. Turn on the actinic lights and watch thousands of fish come visit. The fish are attracted by the light and it’s a show not to be missed. Night snorkeling anyone? Sure!

Ever been in a Hovercraft? Hatchet has one ready to take you on one of the smoothest boat rides of your life. Our hovercraft holds up to 9 people and can reach speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour!

Have you ever sailed 1.6 times the wind speed? We have. Hatchet Caye has two Windrider Raves that raise up on hydrofoils to get the little trimarans up to speeds that are truly exhilarating. Hobie Cats? We have those too! Oh and Sea Kayaks? Yep, got those too. One of the craziest experiences a fisherman can have is to try to land a 20 pound snapper from a sea kayak! It kinda evens the odds for the fish!

The island is a model of green technology. Running totally on solar with generators used only as back up; it’s the most advanced resort in Belize. Not only do we make fresh water through desalination but we also have a rain water catchment system that is state of the art. It’s the best tasting water in the Country.

All waste is treated by methods well beyond the purest septic systems found in the States. The effluent is then used to water the flowers.

The resort has a maximum capacity of 22 guests living in air conditioned comfort. Each cabana has custom built furniture and even Wii gaming consoles!

Our Caribbean Island Broker clients will be given special access to Hatchet Caye Resort . It’s the perfect way to get a taste of what it would be like to have your own private island and Hatchet Caye’s location makes it a perfect base for island shopping in Southern Belize.

It’s so great to see an island dream come true. Come experience it for yourself.

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Tropical Island Camp for Castaway Wannabes

July 13th, 2008

I have an idea that I desperately need your feedback on.

It’s an idea I think we’re uniquely qualified to implement and one on which you, as an island enthusiast, are just as qualified to give your feedback. In fact it’s very important that I do hear from you on this one. The more ideas, the better so give me everything you’ve got and I’ll use the info to make the right decision.

I’ve always loved camping and fishing. I’ve also had this little fantasy of being stranded on a deserted island just to see if I could survive. Even if it were just for a weekend, I think it would be a blast… just me and maybe a few friends hanging out, fishing, eating coconuts, and enjoying the beauty of the island. No, KT wouldn’t participate. She thinks I’m crazy for even having the fantasy. The very idea of going a day without a shower makes her skin crawl.

But what if we could have it both ways? What if we kept an island as untouched as possible but had all the major components there for comfortable camping? By that I mean a top notch tent or palapa with a decent bed, a cooking area, maybe a fire pit for the evenings, a toilet (that doesn’t smell) and yes a shower! Consider it hi-end camping on a deserted island.

All of this could be accomplished with practically no impact on the island at all. The gray water and solids could be boated out weekly in small removable tanks for disposal at the mainland. We can add a rain water collection system that would easily cover all the needs and we can boat in jugs of purified water for consumption during the trip. Small solar panels could provide power for a few florescent lamps and to charge a ship-to-shore radio and a fixed cellular for safety. Everything else is just logistics.

Personally, I’d add a grocery shopping and fishing component to this and stock the island with snorkel gear and a kayak or two. I’d also have a trusted caretaker nearby to help out where needed during times when “castaways” are on the island.

So here is where you come in. I’d like the answers to a few questions.

  • As island enthusiasts, have you ever had this same fantasy? Or am I as weird as I think?
  • Would you come to a place like this?
  • If so, what is the MOST you would pay (per person, per night) for such an experience? I know everyone wants a deal but this is a business venture!
  • If you were interested, would you want to do it by yourself or with friends and/or family?Please leave a comment to give me your feedback. Positive or negative, it’s all valuable information. I think it’s a good idea and one worth pursuing. But then again, I like camping and getting dirty and salty and fishy, so maybe my ideas need a little tweaking.Thanks for the feedback!

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    Roatan Real Estate, A private Island listing in the Caribbean

    July 3rd, 2008

    Well we’ve finally done it. We’ve made a visit to Honduras’s Bay Island of Roatan. What a cool area. We’ve come home with one of the most exciting Private Island listings we’ve ever had. Castaway Island is a private island estate with a home that could stand up against any home, in any high-end subdivision in the world. The location is incredible with all the diving, fishing, and sailing that Roatan is so known for. This is a fully furnished home featuring 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 half baths, 5 acre island, plus a 1/4 acre mainland lot with permits for another house and dock for $3.1 million. Take a look at Roatan Castaway Island!

    I wish it wasn’t such bad weather. But, we made the best of it.

    We really put ourselves behind with this trip. There are several new islands we’ll be listing in the coming days so please check back over the next 2 weeks. As we emerge from a huge to-do list that built up as we were gone, we’ll post more new islands for sale. If you haven’t signed up for the updates, please do so. We’ll let you know as new islands come available and anytime we have price changes. We hate spam and promise not to send you useless emails!


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    A South Pacific airline for sale

    April 16th, 2008

    Well this is clearly not the usual type of listing that we take. And finding a way to advertise it on our website has proven difficult. However, Pacific Island Air is a terrific business opportunity and a great value. So maybe our new Blog is the perfect vehicle to show this business! There aren’t many businesses out there that are so dominant in their niche while still being very fairly priced.

    During our trip to view Katafanga, we met the owner of this charter airline service. Until the airstrip on Katafanga is finished, his airline is currently the only realistic choice for viewing the island. The company is so busy, it’s necessary to book the charter flight to the island several weeks in advance.

    What a phenomenal business to own; it’s fun and profitable. And to top it off, it’s poised to be a monopoly in the country. The airline is already running near capacity and he’s constantly receiving requests from other Fijian resorts asking to sign long term contracts. These resorts are frustrated with their current relationship with other Fijian run airlines and their “island time” attitude. If he added just one of these well known resorts to his contract portfolio it would add more than $3M per year in revenue to the business; more than doubling the already handsome profit being made.

    As enticing as this is, the owner doesn’t want more business. He wants to retire. He is, however, willing to help a new buyer secure these additional long term contracts. This would immediately expand the business and literally choke out the remaining competition.

    This airline would make a fantastic package purchase with Katafanga Island Resort. With the additional fuel tanks at Katafanga, it would allow the airline to expand the reach of service in Fiji even farther, creating a whole new route to the outer islands of the country that are now practically inaccessible.

    So if you’re a pilot or you’ve dreamt of owning an airline, this is the best opportunity out there! Please take a look by clicking below.

    Click here to continue reading…


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