Roatan Castaway Island

5 acres - US$3,100,000

The Grounds and Infrastructure

Just in front of the home is a beautiful built-in tiled swimming pool with striking accent lighting. The natural stone decking offers plenty of room for sunbathing or afternoon tea. Next to the pool is a shower and Palapa-style pool house containing a full bar and pool bath.

The entire estate is shown off with accent lighting providing a dramatic look in the evenings. There is a path from the covered docking pavilion that guides you between large entrance pillars to the pool area and then into the entry of the home without tracking in sand.

The docking pavilion is fitted with an area for dive gear and marine equipment storage.

The infrastructure for the island has been well thought out for long-term convenience and with backup support systems in place. The island is plumbed via undersea waterlines and electric cables providing power and water to the island. The island is also fitted with a 26,000 gallon cistern for water storage to off-set heavy use periods and provide ample back-up in case of a well failure on the mainland. Water filtration and purification systems are used throughout. Though the island is supplied with power through municipal sources, there is also a back-up generator to handle the occasional power outage on the mainland.

Since there is always maintenance work needed an on island, the owners constructed a workshop with 220-volt electricity for power tools. It also provides ample storage for the garden equipment.

Though building codes are practically non-existent in the Caribbean, proper planning, execution, and supervision was implemented throughout the building process of this estate. All structures were built to withstand the elements, while also maintaining their beauty.

Like all Cayes, the island is fairly low in elevation; only a few feet above sea level. Mangrove covers most of the island keeping it protected from erosion. Although the structures were built high, they are complimented with pillars and lattice to disguise the height allowing them to blend into their surroundings.

The landscaping also plays and important role in accenting the home and support structures to blend into the natural surroundings. With over 400 Coconut and Royal palm trees, plus Almond, Sea Grape, and Noni; the island is littered with natural tropical vegetation.

The island was sea walled and hand filled with sea bottom sand where necessary to achieve the fine tuned look it has today. Where there are no improvements, the island was left natural. As a result, the home, pool, and landscape blend beautifully together.

What a place to come home to!

More pictures of Roatan Castaway Island can be found here.

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