Bannister Island Resort

3 acres - Sold

Bannister Island Resort aerial looking south Bannister aerial looking north the deck near the kitchen beach with lounge chairs one of the catamarans that visit Bannister daily a busy boat dock partying at Bannister There are 2 gift shops on the island Relaxing on the deck self piloted speed boats the lagoon behind bannister approaching the harbor area. this is where the cruise ship tenders enter lagoon behind bannister the view from the southern channel bannister from the water on the south side From the lagoon looking east at the back side of Bannister looking North over the southern breakwall beach with cruise ship guests swimming more beach looking north relaxing under a plam tree looking north over the deck with the bar in the distance. Gift shops are on the left lounging on the beach mats lots of open space looking SE looking south shady deck area a playground for the kids generator house and water storage Staff housing with the generator on the right downstairs is a large storage area and upstairs in the management or owners quarters Cisterns behind the structures public bathrooms Huge palapa for the bar handicapped bathroom shower within the handicapped bathroom looking SE over the shady deck Staff house on the left and shade on the right kids playground this is from the beach looking west over to the bar there are shady palapas all over the beach of Bannister with maturing palms providing additional shade a spectacular view to the east from the beachfront of Bannister Island a great place to hang out this is a small beachbar This palapa hold the barbecue near the seawall at the southern end the BBQ pit the southern end of Bannister with the access channel on the right. This leads straight to the reef and has plenty of depth The Boton Seawall protects the southern end from erosion caused by the boat wakes publich bathrooms inside more batrhooms inside under the palapa at the bar staff ending their work day The generator Inverter Deep Cycle Marine batteries the welcome sign this is the ordering area at the kitchen the kitchen for bannister cold storage at bannister gift shop one Gift shop 2 from the water Bannister is in the Drowned Caye Range Bannister is in the Drowned Cayes right near the reef floaters cruise passengers cooling off Lots of guests it's lunch time boat dock looking west over the southern end of the island from the water the southern breakwall the view from the southern channel at the far south point of Bannister there is a private little palapa with sitting area the bar the staff boat another bbq and south picture what a view!! life guard on duty Sea Kayak storage kayaks on the shore late afternoon aerial it's hazy because we were shooting through the glass of a helicopter Kayaking in the lagoon off loading passengers and future partiers walking on Bannister temporary tattoos a new addition to Bannister is a huge floating trampoline This trampoline is getting plenty of use cooling off in the Caribbean private boats visit Bannister too a great place to kayak the caribbean sitting at the shady bar a cruise tender and snorkel tour volleyball on Bannister